Compliant Fire System Design Layouts

saving up to 80% of your time

Automated sprinkler placement

Tandm sets the benchmark in automated Fire Sprinkler placement, with compliant designs and ceiling tile alignments.

Using Tandm to design and place Fire Sprinklers couldn’t be simpler, or faster. Using advanced algorithms, Tandm analyses the Revit® model and rooms on each floor, and with a few user inputs, Tandm takes care of the rest. Placing design sensitive, compliant, optimised Fire Sprinklers that are documented, for below ceiling exposed and concealed spaces – all using your own custom families – with a time saving of up to 90%.


Fast and efficient estimating

Tandm’s speed and accuracy delivers fast and precise estimating, so you can be more competitive and profitable.

If there’s one thing the industry needs more of, it’s time. We work in an industry defined by time frames. Inaccurate estimation methods undermine productivity and profitability.

Tandm’s ability to generate accurate estimates for each project changes the game, boosting responsiveness and throughput, leading to more successful tenders heading out the door.

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