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Tandm quickly and accurately automates the process of designing fire sprinkler systems. By leveraging the capability of Autodesk Revit, Tandm undertakes fire sprinkler layouts, clash detection and rerouting, whilst reducing design time and ensuring design accuracy. 

Tandm provides the following features: 

  • It automatically designs fire sprinkler heads. 
  • It provides fire sprinkler head take offs for estimating purposes 

Tandm is a tool for industry experts who design fire sprinkler protection systems. It is primarily used by Fire Trade Contractors, Fire Consultants and Fire Designers. Tandm can also assist Architects with undertaking RCP’s (Reflected Ceiling Plans) and Builders to provide designs to Fire Trade Contractors to tender under a D&C (Design and Construct) type delivery contract. 



Tandm removes the element of human error, automatically designing compliant fire sprinkler systems to AS2118.1-2017.* 

* Tandm design accuracy is subject to suitable Revit models which are modelled correctly (i.e. contains floors, walls and a roof and are room bounding). Tandm will provide a room analyser tool which can identify any areas modelled that are not suitable for automatic fire sprinkler placement with Tandm. 



Tandm makes estimating faster and more accurate. You can extract the precise number of fire sprinklers within the model directly from the Revit environment. 

Tandm allows the user to export the quantities within the model on a level-by-level basis as part of the base Tandm subscription level package. 


Tandm helps you to design with accuracy, save time and ultimately drive down the cost of delivery.  

By automating routine tasks, you can allocate your team resources to where they’re needed most, improving productivity and increasing job satisfaction. 


Tandm automates the process, saving time and removing the element of human error. A typical office floor design generally requires days of design, drafting, and coordination time. Tandm can design the fire sprinklers with up to a 90% time saving.


We encourage you to submit all feedback, suggestions and feature requests! Your advice will shape the future of the software’s development and guide Tandm on how to provide the most value to the fire protection design industry.  

To make suggestions please submit a request on our Customer Service Portal by clicking here.


Our software is continually evolving to meet user needs, and while the current version may have certain design considerations, rest assured that our development team is actively working on enhancements. To view the current design limitations, visit our Limitations Page.

Tandm was devised by Peter Glodic, a professional in the Fire Protection Services industry for nearly 30 years.  

Peter has worked as a Director of international fire consultancy firms and has exposure to both Fire Contracting and Consultancy, with Australian and International design exposure.  

Having founded the company in 2005, Peter is now Executive Chairman of one of the largest independent Fire Protection and Fire Engineering Consultancies in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Tandm was therefore developed by industry, for industry. 


Tandm was developed to solve an industry-wide problem; slow and inefficient 3D fire protection services designs. Tandm helps to remove roadblocks and enables Fire experts to focus on providing higher level advice.  

Tandm can design the fire sprinkler layouts for a typical floor with up to 90% time savings. Saving time reduces your cost of delivery and can free up your team to tender on new projects or perform other business development tasks. 


Tandm integrates with Revit, a well-known 3D BIM modelling software which is common for Building Services’ designs produced by Consultants and Trade Contractors. Tandm utilises a similar graphic user interface to Revit.

It’s assumed that Tandm users have prior knowledge of Revit and fire sprinkler protection system design. Just starting out? No problem. The Tandm User Guide is a complete how-to reference tool for the user to easily utilise the Tandm software.

Working with Fire Sprinklers

Tandm automatically designs full fire sprinkler head layouts up to 90% faster than a human. 

Yes. Tandm can extract the exact number of fire sprinklers, from the within the Revit model. 

Tandm automatically designs fire sprinkler layouts for the following head types: 

  • Below Ceiling Fire Sprinklers including Semi-Recessed and  Fully-Recessed (Flush) 
  • Exposed Fire Sprinklers 
  • Concealed Space Fire Sprinklers 
  • Residential Fire Sprinklers* 

Generally, each of these sprinkler types can have a fire sprinkler family and type assigned to them. Tandm will Automatically place these sprinklers in relevant locations within the Revit model. 

* Tandm can place residential sprinklers when the Room Setup has been configured for residential sprinklers, refer to the user guide for specifics for Residential Sprinkler setup. 

Yes, Tandm automatically places below ceiling, concealed space and exposed fire sprinklers – compliant to AS2118.1-2017.* Sprinklers are placed in coordination with the Revit elements and objects within the model/linked models. 

* Tandm design accuracy is subject to suitable Revit models which are modelled correctly (i.e. contains floors, walls and a roof and are room bounding). Tandm will provide a room analyser tool which can identify any areas modelled that are not suitable for automatic fire sprinkler placement with Tandm. 


Tandm is not currently available for a trial period. If you are interested in Tandm, please Contact us.

You can purchase Tandm HERE.

Tandm is limited to one licence per computer/AutoDesk account.


Tandm can redesign the fire sprinkler layout within the model based on any new/revised Revit models loaded. This is undertaken with the Tandm “Redesign” function. 

Yes. Once Tandm completes the fire sprinkler layout the user is able to manually adjust the layouts to suit their own preferences. 
Note: The Redesign function overrides the entire layout on the level including any previous manual user changes. 

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