Tandm understands Fire Protection,

because we work in Fire Protection.

Tandm has been created by professionals with long histories in the fire protection industry, who understand its challenges and potential.

We share an ideal of addressing and alleviating the common frustrations felt by professionals in the industry, while also elevating the importance and continued relevancy of the fire professional’s role, now and into the future.

The Core team that makes Tandm what it is.

Peter Glodic

President & CEO


For close to three decades, Peter has worked at every level of Fire Protection and Fire Safety, both in contracting and consulting, from hands-on to leadership roles.

Peter is a tireless advocate for the Fire Protection and Fire Safety Design industries. His time in the profession has been consistently defined by a need to find better ways of working that elevate the importance of his peers’ contributions and skills. Tandm is the realisation of these pursuits.

Tandm has been created to give our industry greater control and profitability.

Peter Glodic

Artem Kulakov
Technical Advisor

Artem has earned an enviable reputation as a results driven leader in the technology space, designing and delivering complex software development projects for consumer and commercial audiences. Starting his career developing AI systems for the gaming industry, Artem now provides cutting edge solutions through leadership roles in the proptech, insurance and start-up spaces.

At Tandm, Artem develops every aspect of our technology strategy, roadmap and architecture. He also oversees the recruiting and management of Tandm’s multi-disciplinary software development team.

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